Software Synthesizer

Vespula is a personal project. It’s a polyphonic software synthesizer for Linux. It was written in C++ on the Qt framework. In the process of developing Vespula, I learned a lot about GUI development and signal processing.


  • Four waveforms

  • Standard ADSR envelope

  • Loop mode

  • Vibrato

  • Low-pass filter with resonance and cutoff parameters, a low-frequency oscillator, and an envelope

  • FM effect with its own envelope and oscillator

See it on GitHub:

Artificial Neural Network Drum Classifier

This was a school project. I trained a neural network to classify drum sounds as kick, hi-hat, or snare. I wrote a script that used the network to extract the best candidate kick, hi-hat, and snare drum sounds from an input audio file.

See it, along with a tutorial and presentation slides, on GitHub: